BoxC is an e-commerce logistics management platform that enables online brands to access the infrastructure of global logistics companies (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.) to reduce shipping costs and grow their business.

The plan

Full verbal and visual rebrand.


I helmed the verbal identity facet of BoxC’s rebrand, and collaborated with the strategist and designer on positioning and storytelling.

  • Category nomenclature
  • Mission, vision, and purpose statements
  • Unique selling proposition and value proposition
  • Updated core values
  • Audience-based messaging guidelines
  • Style manual
  • Brand story

The outcome

Immediately after finalizing the category name, the BoxC sales team asked a customer if they understood what an “e-commerce logistics management platform” does. The customer quickly answered yes. Even during the project, the BoxC team referenced their audience messaging guidelines in sales calls and reported positive engagement.

BoxC website


TrustedSec is a cybersecurity consulting firm providing practical, expert security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Through its expertise, technical skill, and ethical character, the company helps businesses secure what’s most important to them.

The challenge

TrustedSec’s brand hadn’t changed since day one, when it operated out of its founder’s basement. Its identity needed to match its organizational maturity, but there was a hitch: we couldn’t get rid of its eye-patch-clad smiley-face logo. On the verbal identity side, the firm needed help putting into words what they already knew to be true: that they exist to make the world a safer place.

The solution

Working with the project designer, strategist, and client team, we launched a grown-up brand with a healthy dash of irreverence. Imagery and messaging joined forces to combat the usual fear-mongering common among cybersecurity firms. TrustedSec instead sees security as an asset, not an obstacle, enabling businesses to protect what’s important and do more of what they love to do, safely.

The deliverables

  • Core messaging (mission, vision, purpose)
  • Situational messaging (unique selling proposition, value proposition)
  • Audience-based messaging and elevator pitch
  • Style guide
  • Brand story

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